FLS:  Friends of Libraries Section

The newest section in NYLA

The mission of the Friends of Libraries Section
is to promote and inspire local Friends groups in libraries
of all types for the betterment of New York State's library community.

The benefits of membership in the FRIENDS of Libraries Section:

Friends News and Notes quarterly newsletter

Reduced NYLA membership rates for Friends and Friends groups

Inspiration for new ideas, projects, and activities to promote your Friends group and your

Engage in advocacy for libraries locally and statewide

Network with Friends groups across the state

Daniel W. Casey Library Advocacy Award and the FLS Dewey Fellowship

Special registration rates for the NYLA Annual Conference and attend FLS sponsored
       Webinars for Free!

Please consider selecting FLS as your primary section when you join NYLA or renew your NYLA membership.  
It's the Friendly thing to do.  
here for a hard copy of an FLS Membership Form that includes registration for Elected Officers of a Friends Group Organizational Member.

2018 NYLA Annual Conference Program Resources

Follow this link to an archive of resources from programs offered at the 2018 NYLA Annual Conference. The archive is organized by the sponsoring NYLA unit. FLS programs will be posted shortly.
Find the Conference Promotional Brochure here or the complete On-Site Conference Program here.

Read the latest FLS Newsletter: 

September 2018 (volume 4, # 4) 
Also included iin the mailing of this newsletter: FLS Active Member Form - Ways you can help FLS! 

2018 FLS Executive Board Election Slate: APPROVED

Read Candidate Profiles here.
The new Executive Board will be installed at the FLS Annual Membership during the Friend-Raiser Luncheon at the 2018 NYLA Annual Conference in Rochester in November.

Embarking on Year Four

The Friends of Libraries Section ushered in the next administration at its Annual Membership Meeting in Saratoga Springs during the 2017 NYLA Annual Conference on Friday, November 10. Outgoing President Janet Kreason passed the gavel to Rebecca Fuss who will lead the Section as President. She is the fourth person to hold this position.

It will be during her presidency that the Section will embark on its first Long Range Plan.  It is the guide for the next three years, continuing many of the initiatives already in place and looking to develop new projects and services for the Friends of Libraries across New York State.

You may read the FLS Long Range Plan here.

FLS is also pleased to announce that all of the Board positions and committee assignments are full at this time. But that doesn’t mean there is no more room for volunteers. An active member form is in the development phase and will be distributed as soon as it is approved by the board.

Please watch for updates about the work of the Friends of Libraries Section and the ways that you can become involved. The December newsletter will also be out soon. It has a complete wrap-up of the most ambitious line-up of programs to date for the Section with record attendance and high marks on evaluations; another very successful year! Special thanks to all of the presenters who made this possible. See the archive of presentation resources from the conference here.

pictured above, left; to right, Rebecca Fuss and Janet Kreason

The FLS Presidents

Left to right: Randy Enos, President Emeritus; Lisa Wemtt, President #1, Sarah Sachs, President #2, Janet Kreason, President #3, and Rebecca Fuss, President #4






The 2017 - 2018 FLS Executive Board

Front row, left to right: Terry Mulee, 2nd VP; Lynne Madden, Secretary; Marie Orlando, MAL; Vicki Kosovac, MAL; Sarah Sachs, Outgoing Past President; Pat Loughan, MAL
Back row; left to right: Rusty Wigg, MAL; Lisa Wemett, VP / President Elect; Janet Kreason, Immediate Past President; Rebecca Fuss, President; Jean Sheviak, NYLA Legislative Committee Representative; Amy Pass, NYLA Continuing Education Committee Representative
Not pictured: Randy Enos, President Emeritus; Terry Morris, MAL; Leslie Riley, MAL; Sue Swanton, MAL; Marie Bindeman, Daniel W. Casey Library Advocacy Award Coordinator; Joyce Laiosa, Casey Award Committee Reader; Kitty Bressington, FLS Dewey 2018 Dewey Fellowship Award Coordinator   (MAL = Member At Large)

Watch the First FLS Webinar!

Best Practices for Management of Friends Boards
Originally offered on Tuesday, March 20, but now available in the NYLA Webinarary Archive
To view the webinar, click here.

Making a Difference, One Workshop at a Time

Since 2015, FLS has teamed up with library systems and Friends of the Library groups all around New York State to present two different workshops specifically for Friends.

“Getting Started: Creating and Supporting a Friends Group for Your Library” has been presented in Plattsburgh, Newburgh, Corning, and Cazenovia.  “Keep It Growing! Strengthening Your Friends of the Library Group” has been well received in Poughkeepsie, Orchard Park, Watertown, and the Rochester area.

Check out the FLS Events page for additional information on upcoming workshops and to learn how to host these two-hour workshops in your area.

To contact Friends of Libraries Section please send an email to FLS.NYLA@yahoo.com 

Section History

Click here for FLS History